B2B Bulgaria pcb and electronic product design and manufacturing

PCB and electronic product design and manufacturing

You have an idea - printed circuit board or electronic device, new electronic product, process automation, pcb and module design and redesign

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B2B offers design, delivery and production of printed circuit boards Learn More

printed circuit boards

With the design and production of electronic devices we offer flexible solutions, consistent with the specific customer requirements having a profound knowledge and fully using the capabilities of the contemporary technologiesLearn More

SMT components printed circuit board assembly

You have an idea for a new product. B2B will make your project from idea to final product Learn More

development electronic device

To automate a process seems complicated and expensive. Not anymore. Repetitive tasks or actions that follow after fixed time can be automated easily with relays Learn More and microcontrollersLearn More

case studies pcbs with relay and microcontroller

We design from simple single layer PCBs to complex high density multilayer PCBs Learn More

printed circuit board pcb layout design from electronic circuit or idea

B2B delivers prototypes with short lead time and very competitive prices Learn More

printed circuit board prototype manufacturing pcb low cost

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